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At, we understand the importance of ensuring the authenticity of banknotes and providing a secure environment for your business transactions in Limassol, Cyprus. That is why we offer a wide range of money detectors to help you detect counterfeit currency effectively. Explore our selection and find the ideal money detector to safeguard your business.

1. UV:

UV money detectors are designed to detect ultraviolet features present in genuine banknotes. These detectors emit UV light that reveals hidden security features, such as fluorescent inks and watermarks, which are not visible to the naked eye. With a UV money detector from, you can quickly and easily verify the authenticity of banknotes.

2. Magnetic:

Magnetic money detectors use magnetic sensors to detect the presence of magnetic ink used in legitimate banknotes. These detectors can identify the magnetic properties of the ink and differentiate between genuine and counterfeit currency. Magnetic money detectors available at provide a reliable and efficient method to detect counterfeit banknotes.

3. Infrared:

Infrared detectors utilize infrared sensors to identify specific infrared features present in genuine banknotes. These detectors can detect infrared inks, security threads, and other infrared elements that are invisible to the naked eye. Invest in an infrared money detector from to enhance your counterfeit detection capabilities.

4. Multi-Detection:

Multi-detection money detectors combine multiple detection methods, such as UV, magnetic, and infrared, to provide comprehensive counterfeit detection. These detectors offer enhanced accuracy and reliability, making them ideal for businesses that handle large volumes of cash. Find a multi-detection money detector at to ensure maximum security for your business.

5. Portable:

Portable money detectors are compact and lightweight, making them convenient for businesses on the go. These detectors are battery-operated and can easily fit in a pocket or bag, allowing you to verify banknotes anywhere, anytime. Choose a portable money detector from to ensure the authenticity of banknotes even when you’re on the move.

At, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer high-quality money detectors from reputable brands. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to browse and compare different options, and our fast and reliable delivery to Limassol, Cyprus ensures that you receive your money detector promptly.

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Banknote Counter & Authentication Device Double Power – DORS 800 – Twin Pocket

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