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The Ultimate Office Supplies List


Printer paper, Three-hole punched paper, Graph paper, Tracing paper Carbon paper Color card stock Heavy-duty card stock  Wrapping paper  Greeting cards and envelopes  Business cards Letterhead

Envelopes and Boxes

#10 regular envelopes (4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches)   Legal envelopes   Padded legal envelope mailers   Postage stamps  Envelope sealer  Packaging bubble  Cardboard boxes (small, medium, large)

Notebooks and Notepads

Composition notebooks  Spiral-bound notebooks  Legal pads  Steno pads

Binder Items

Binders  Binder tabs  Binder pockets  Clear binder document holders  Hole puncher  Three-hole puncher

Filing Cabinet

Manila folders  Hanging folders  Folder tabs

Small Office Supplies

Stapler Staples Stapler remover  Scissors  Box cutter  Paperclips (small, medium, large)  Binder clips small, medium, large)   Clear cellophane tape dispenser  Clear cellophane tape  Masking tape  Packing tape Duct tape Sticky notes (small, medium, large) Bookmark sticky flags (small, medium, large)    Bookmarks  White glue  Rubber cement  Tacky wall mount gum  Hanging hooks  Magnifying glass

Writing Implements

Pencils Pencil sharpener Mechanical pencils Mechanical pencil lead refills Erasers Pens Black all-purpose markers  Highlighters Rubber stamps Ink pad Correction fluid Dry/Wet erase board  Dry/Wet erase markers  Dry/Wet erase spray  Ruler Protractor Compass T-square Cleaning Supplies

Office Storage

Bookends  Paperweight  Magazine holders  Bulletin board  Pushpins  Letter opener  Pen holder    In/Out box  Document sorter/holder  Supply trays and containers

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